Brevard Rugby Football Club

Brevard Sweeps Todd Miller 7's 4–0

The Red Eyes celebrate their 4-0 sweep of the 12th Annual Todd Miller 7's Tournament at UCF

The Brevard Old Red Eye Rugby Club sent 10 ruggers to the 12th annual Todd Miller 7's tournament held on June 14, 2003 at the UCF campus. There were a total of 32 teams with 7 women's teams attending this USA Rugby South Qualifier. Originally intent on a fast and fun outing with the enjoyment of a few good hard tackles here and there, the Red Eyes earned respect by sweeping their opponents 4–0 en route to a first place finish in the Men's Open division.

The first match pitted the Red Eyes against a much larger Agusta (Georgia) Mad Dogs side. Despite a rather large size disadvantage, the Red Eyes countered with better strategy and capitalized on just about every possession. Captain Ben Buchanan's opening highlight 40 meter gallop set the pace for the day.

After a prolonged break, the second match kicked off with 95 degree temps in the blazing sun against another larger side, Gainsville. Aggressive tackling and opportunistic running by our heroes proved to be too much for a disoriented side and Brevard walked away victorious again 26–14. Florida Select U-19 Josh Gruner's wide sprint 60 meters past the opposing winger highlighted this game.

The third match of the game was played just 30 minutes later and the barely rested Red Eyes went against a speedy and experienced college side from Boca Raton, Florida International University. Despite having Argentinian players and coach, our man-up defense would prove to be enough for the win. A spectacularly creative cross-field punt by Sean O'Farrell over a napping defense into Chandler Wilson's waiting arms 1 meter deep in the try zone even brought the FIU cheerleaders to their feet. The sidelines could not help but marvel in amazement at what was arguably the try of the day. Well done, boys. Final: Brevard 31, FIU 7.

In the Open division final, Brevard was matched against the other bracket's undefeated first seed, Jacksonville. An experienced side who weren't against encroaching offsides, playing the ball with their hands in the rucks, and high tackles, Jax required the Red Eyes to come together, gut-check themselves, and continue to persist in attack and defense. With the majority of the second half played inside Jax's territory, the Red Eyes came from behind with a Chandler Wilson try in the corner set up by scrumhalf Rob Saunderson to win 12–10 shortly before the whistle. The try earned Chandler Man of the Match honors.

The Brevard Rugby club would like to acknowledge the help of Trinidad RFU player/coach Sean O'Farrell for his priceless help the past few weeks preparing us for this and other upcoming tournaments.