Brevard Rugby Football Club


October 14, 2002

Marijo holds Brevard's newest rugger, Scott Patrick. Marijo McLachlan gave birth to Scott Patrick on Saturday, October 12. It's hard to tell from the picture, but it doesn't look like he inherited his father's hair. Congratulations Scotty and Marijo!

July 28, 2002

Corkey toasts the Professor and presents a team mug at the Professor's send-off. Photo by Scott Bissett. We bid a fond farewell to Robert "The Professor" Burns and his wife Sharon (who was consistently at more practices than several of our active players!) last night at On Tap Cafe & Lounge. We wish the best for them in Michigan.

We also said goodbye to Shawn Dendy, who is being transferred to defend our country from the Italians. Unfortunately, he is coming back in 3 years, so he doesn't get a mug.

A week earlier, we said goodbye to Thorin "Chewie" Guidry at Meg O'Malley's, who was transferred to defend our country from the Alabamans. I hope Battleship realizes what it's getting. While Chewie was only with us for a year, we will miss the best damn waterboy we ever had. Oh, and we'll miss his hot wife, too!

July 18, 2002

Florida Today has an article about the Youth Rugby Festival we will be hosting at the Cocoa Expo in February.

By the way, we have lined up Beef O'Brady's as a sponsor for the Youth Club but we're still looking for youth coaches and/or donations. We would like to have a youth clinic in conjunction with the men's camp we are planning for the Cocoa Expo on Aug 24th. The Palm Bay and Melbourne Recreation Departments have agreed to run clinics and leagues — we just need volunteers!

Jan 24, 2002

Florida Today has a great article covering Brevard Rugby. This is great exposure for our club! (There's also a lead-in abstract and different photo here)

Jan 16, 2002

It's about time! Real Radio's Drew Garabo Show finally added the Red Eye pictures they took at the 7/13/01 Orlando Predators game. And prominently featured in the first photo is Ron's most photogenic side.